How to Design, Build and Create Your Own Casino Table

It is actually fun enjoying Poker and casino games with your friends on the weekends. But during these days, most of the casino halls are filled with people due to which you might even have to wait for hours for your turn. Many people think there is no solution to the same and drop the plans off. But you can also create your own Poker or casino table at your home. You would just be needing some simple equipment and if you have them then you are all set to create your own Poker table and start playing Casino at your home. Let us now have a look at the process which will help you to do the same.

Materials to create a Poker table

First of all, it should be known what materials are required to build a perfect Casino table for the weekends. All you would need is a Plywood which should be of good size. A newel post stand would be perfect to create a stable stand for your Casino table to make it look even more classy. There are various Corbels which can be used for the same but many people prefer using the raw maple Corbels for their casino tables. Felt would be added to the bottom side of the table for the playing surface.


Once all the materials regarding the casino table have been arranged, then the next step is to start creating the table. The cuts are usually dependent upon the size of the plywood which you have and for the number of people you want to create the casino table for. If you have decided to create the table for a total of 8 players, then you should cut the plywood lid in the shape of an octagon and all the sides should be of equal length. The nose and curve moulding would also depend on the number of sides of the table.


Now we would be having a look at the main part of the article where you’ll know about the steps to create the casino table. First cut the plywood according to your size requirement. Once the front lid pieces have been cut forward, then you just need to mix the edge pieces together so that it is able to form the front of the table at its best. After this has been done, you just need to put the outer edges which will help the table to gain more stability.

Now you would be needing the coaster blocks which add a lot to the beauty of the casino table. It should be noted that the coaster blocks should be installed at an angle of 22.5 degrees and not more than that. To make the angles more accurate, you can measure them through the table only. For that, you have to mark from the centre of the table and create sides for the same. After the outer edge has been completed, now you need to work on the inner edges and keep the size of all inner edges the same. Installing the inner edges might take some time but it should be ensured that the inner edges are done perfectly.

After the inner edges are done, you should focus on the apron part. The scrap blocks would help you to install the apron on the main part of the table and it would be the main part of the game which attracts the attention of the players. Once the apron has been attached, the playing area should be marked using the mitre. As it gets completed, start working on the table stand by attaching all the components for the same like screws, collar. But do not forget to drill the pilot holes as it would make the table more stable for more players.

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